Your School Gets 10%

Your School Gets 10%!

The Back to Schools program runs August 14th-September 10th!


  • The 2013 "Your School Gets 10%" program runs August 14th through September 10th
  • Use your Card to purchase products to earn for your school of choice (eScrip supporters earn automatically)
  • Check the bottom of your receipt for details throughout the program. Your total will be updated every shopping trip.
  • Schools should register to receive contributions automatically.
  • Non-eScrip Supporters:

  • If you would like to sign-up to be an eScrip supporter, click here.
  • After the program has ended, redemption begins.
  • Revisit this website for redemption and to pick a school to get 10% of your total. Simply enter your redemption code (found at the bottom of your receipt) to make your contribution. You can also give the bottom of your receipt (with the redemption code) directly to the school you've selected.

Use your Card at checkout:

Your School Gets 10%
Your School Gets 10%